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Attention Parents...

Have you ever thought about karate or martial arts for your child? If yes, imagine your child in the not-so-distant future…

Will they have the confidence and self-esteem to avoid peer pressure? Will they know how to handle the bully without conflict?

Will they have the life skills to excel in school and eventually a career? Discover the greatest gift that you can give your children to empower them to overcome the reality of future obstacles

Watch Out Ladies...

What would you do if you were suddenly attacked by a 200-lb. man? Let me tell you how it happened to Tracy Kim.

Better yet, let me tell you how she overcame her worst fears and how she gained a new confidence she never thought possible.

Interested Men...

5 Reasons “Every Man” Should Be Enrolled at Tri-Star… and A 52 Year Olds Life Changing Experience With A FREE Offer!

Best Birthday Party Ever...

Parents' love our birthday parties!

There are three different parties to choose from... Ninja, Nerf, Star Wars!

"You've Heard About The 'Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts' Teaching Staff..."

You've Got To Be Wondering, "Where Does Professor Brumitt Get These Teachers?"

"Read On... And You Might Just Find The Big Breakthrough You've Been Seeking!"

Where do we get these awesome teacher? Easy. We "grow" them ourselves! Each 'Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts' teachers began first as White Belt beginning student right here in our school.

  • As their Martial Arts skills progressed, each prospective teacher began a Leadership Training program conducted personally by myself.
  • Then, they moved forward into a "Teaching Internship" program, where they received hands on experience in teaching the "Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy" principles.
  • Only after a long (and challenging) internship were they considered for a full time or part time employment at "Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy."

You may not know this, but the teachers at most Martial Arts schools are people who teach the Martial Arts as a hobby. They work a full-time job in another profession, and teach Martial Arts in their spare time.

Not So with the "Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy" teaching staff. There is one full-time (besides myself) professional teacher and six part time. I know you will enjoy meeting an working with all of our professional teachers. Be sure to check out one of or trial offers today. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

  • Emilie Hinton

    I believe attending Tri Star Martial arts has helped my 9 year old son Noah in his focus…
    Although this has always been a challenge for him, little by little he is improving. He has also gained flexibility and strength with the physical workout. He also enjoys a feeling of pride at what he can accomplish. Also Noah has gained strength and muscle from his training at Tri-Star as well.

  • Dean McGregor

    We are so proud & happy with Jacob’s progress since starting at Tri-Star. Not only has he learned a lot he has made tremendous improvement with his co-ordination. His self esteem and confidence has also come a long way. Thank you for a well run martial arts program.

Six Key Programs...

Below are the six key programs we offer here at Duane Brumitt's Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy.

Tiny Little Ninjas

Ages 3-4

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Little Ninjas

Ages 5-6

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Karate Zone Prep

Ages 7-12

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Karate Zone

Ages 13-17

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Ages 18-Up

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Ages 18-Up

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11Tri-Star Marital Arts Academy was founded by Duane Brumitt in February 1998. Duane has been practicing martial arts since 1991, when he began practicing martial arts at the age of 17. He quickly became proficient with basic, intermediate, and advanced material, and when he was given the opportunity to teach martial arts to others, he discovered a passion for teaching and seeing how martial arts could change other people’s lives.

Now, Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy offers classes in an eclectic martial arts for both adults and children. The style taught at Tri-Star Martial Arts has a traditional base of karate but uses a mix of styles, including Tang Soo Do, kickboxing, grappling, and Haganah. This mix has been developed by Duane over the years to make sure that the style he teaches is comprehensive.

The classes at Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy have three areas of emphasis: self defense, physical fitness, and character development. The physical fitness piece teaches timing, speed, coordination, balance, strength, and more, while the incorporated character development focuses on confidence and respect for self and others. Nearly 80% of the students at Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy are children, but adult classes are offered for adults who want to get in shape and learn self-defense and self-control.

We proudly serve Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais, Manteno and the surrounding comunities teaching karate and martial arts classes to ages 3 and up!

Our Location

275 N. Industrial Dr. Bradley, IL 60915

We are located behind HomeStar Bank off of North Street in Bradley.