Attention Women...

"What would you do if you were suddenly attacked by a 200-lb. man?"

Let me tell you how it happened to me.
Better yet, let me tell you how I overcame my worst of fears.
(Or how I gained a new confidence I never thought possible.)

tracy_kim_picture_for_womens_pageDear Friend,

It was December 1989 . . . the time of year when it’s dark at 5:00p.m. I was walking to my car from Christmas shopping with my hands full of packages.

Suddenly, out of the gloom, a man ran toward me. I wondered if it was someone I knew. I half smiled. As he ran up to me, I still couldn’t make out who it was. To my shock, he suddenly grabbed my shoulder with one hand and, with the other, . . . my crotch! Packages dropped to the sidewalk. He muttered in my ear, “Did you like it baby?” and ran off.

I started to cry. My world had now become a terrifying, dangerous place. I quickly pick up my packages as two young men came over to help. I ignored them and started to run. I kept running until I found myself breathless at the door of my car.

Though I wasn’t hurt, from that day on I was extremely uneasy in the dark even in my driveway. Worse, for the first time in my life, I was completely terrified of strangers. These fears stayed with me for 15 long years.

Maybe I should think myself lucky. I mean, in their 1997 report, the FBI published the number of rapes reported to the police (thousands go unreported).

It showed that somewhere in the U.S. a man raped a woman every five minutes. That’s over 100,000 per year!

What could anyone say to these women? Well, I’ve found an answer. It’s a man! Don’t worry. He owns and runs the number one martial arts school in the country, right here in the Kankakee county area.

Now, you may be thinking I’m just going to tell you all about using karate to hammer 200-lb. bad guys. Not quite. Before you jump to conclusions, let me tell you what this man has really done for me . . .

For starters, after taking only a few classes in his amazing women’s self defense program, my 15 years of fear started to evaporate. I started to feel a restored sense of confidence. I learned how simple “awareness” techniques (more on this later) could have prevented the attack in the first place. For the first time in years, I began to feel I could take care of myself. And I was taking these classes with others who had the same feelings I did.

You’ve no idea how healing all of this was. Though I’m only a small 110-lb woman, in many ways I no longer felt helpless. In fact, the benefits of my karate training spilled over into many other areas of my life . . .

For example, I’m in sales and I talk to 25 to 30people a day. I was once talking with a male customer who was especially demanding. My karate training made it much easier for me to hold my own. I knew I could break the man’s nose if I wanted to (don’t worry, I wouldn’t). It gave me such a different feeling. I mean, I had the self control. I knew I could beat him just by keeping my temper and remaining calm. It was such a marvelous feeling of . . . power!

Duane-Brumitt-Tri-Star-Martial-Arts-AcademySo let me tell you about this man who made it all possible. His name? You probably already know him . . . Duane Brumitt. That’s right, the same man who owns the school, “Duane Brumitt’s Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy.”

He started teaching karate to women after reading too many stories about attacks on innocent victims by Kankakee country’s low-lifes. With a top-rated martial-arts school, he felt he had a civic duty to do something, anything.

His first idea was to offer FREE mini classes. Classes that taught the basics of what every woman should know to protect herself. (This offer, by the way, still stands see it as you read on.)

Another was to mail post cards to women with advice on how they can avoid danger. Maybe you’ve seen one already.

One talks about the secret of dealing with fear itself: “Fear is like a toothless dog: all bark and no bite.” Mr. Brumitt goes on to explain what most of us forget (or have never learned). He states that each of us have two types of fear . . .

First, you have the fear of circumstance. Here’s where you find yourself in a truly dangerous situation: fear with a bite. Like the fear of getting hit by a car when crossing the road, facing a vicious dog, or an approaching tornado. Or, as in my case, the fear of being molested by a 200-lb man! These types of fear are there to protect you by energizing your mind and body fast. Your body gets pumped with the “fight or flight” response.

Your second type of fear, however, is different. Unlike the first type, this fear plays havoc with your sense of security using only a “bark”. You’re never truly in danger of injury or harm (you just think you are).

Fears like:

  • Meeting new people
  • Trying new things
  • Holding to ideas different from others

These are the fears that you must conquer, Mr. Brumitt urges. They have no use, other than to hold you back, keeping you from your goals and your dreams.

Let me tell you, if I’d have known just this, maybe I would not have spent 15 years scared of strangers. I mean, face it, not every 200-lb man is out to get me!

So how do you conquer these second-type fears? Here’s where it gets interesting . . .

To truly conquer the fears that only “bark” you must first learn to conquer the fears that “bite”.

So how do you do that? With Mr. Brumitt’s simple-to-learn self-defense skills. Tricks that any woman can pick up. (I mean, just look at me: A petite 110-lb woman whose kick I thought was only good for tossing off my shoes.)

Tricks and skills like these:

  • Two simple skills that empower you to remain calm when faced with danger
  • One amazing trick that allows you to escape when grabbed from behind
  • One powerful set of easy-to-learn moves that frees you when an attacker grabs your wrists

 With just these under your belt, imagine the sense of freedom that comes to you. Not just to your mind, but to your whole being. Of course, you may think you’re not strong enough or have the speed to pull off these moves. I understand. That’s how I felt when I first got started.

Again, with Master Brumitt’s program, any woman can do it. In fact, karate focuses more on balance than the power of your punch or kick. For example, ponder these three key ideas:

  1. Double your physical power (without weight training) with a few easy-to-learn principles of body balance. With this alone, you can kick and punch with devastat-ing power.

  2. Avoid even the threat of an attack from an increase in your awareness. Amazingly, your mind has a built-in self defense mechanism. Discover how to turn it on, and your mind will tell you when danger lurks ahead automatically.

  3. Teach yourself common sense strategies that allow you to avoid “high-risk” situations. Learn what they are and how to avoid them. Plus, learn one simple trick that virtually guarantees that men won’t assault you.

Still not convinced?

Then study the “Three Keys to Personal Safety” (taught in the free classes). These alone will instantly transform you into the type of woman a thug would never even think of attacking.

You won’t believe it, but your body learns an unmistakable language that tells a street predator:

Don’t Mess With Me!

As a result, you can see yourself walking to your car late at night, calm and in control. You’re effortlessly aware of your surroundings. You move with confidence and authority. You know you can handle virtually any situation. You are at ease. You have the peace of mind you are looking for and deserve.

What’s more, your karate training doesn’t just limit you to scaring off potential attackers. You find yourself without that fear that has the loudest “bark”: the fear of failure. When you discover it has no bite, you find yourself taking on more challenges, more adventures than you ever thought possible.

But don’t take my word for it. Look over the following four accounts. These are from women who’ve also experienced the liberating power of Mr. Brumitt’s coaching…

"I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 boys…"

I began karate because it was an activity for me to do outside the house (as I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 boys). But it has become so much more than I would have imagined.

I chose karate because it was something I always wanted to try. I also wanted to go with one of my boys. My 13-year old began with me. When I began I expected to learn self-defense and get some exercise.

One thing that surprised me is what a great stress reliever classes are. When your mind is focused on classes you don’t have time to think about anything but what you are doing. I have not found this to be true with any other activity I have ever done.

I love how the classes are taught. All the instructors are excellent in many aspects.

Beyond self-defense, I love the moral valueslifelessons that are taught. Not realizing it when I began, I am so glad that we are involved with a Christian studio. It helps to tie all aspects of life together to keep the balance needed.

I am most impressed with the improvements in my 5-year old. Before he began karate he did not have the focus, attention span, and listening skills that he does now. I am amazed at how well he does in class.

In talking with people at the studio and as a mom watching class, I find there is a family atmosphere at Tri-Star. People are friendly and so encouraging to the kids. Everyone seems to get along well and make you feel comfortable while you are there. If you need help, someone is always there.

What I have enjoyed the most is having a common interest with my boys. It gives us something to talk about. We have fun together practicing at home. Even the rest of the family joins in. I believe it has bound us closer together.

- Tawni El-Talabani , Bourbonnais, Illinois

Now, in spite of all the things you’ve read so far, you may still have a concern. You may be thinking, “How can I know for sure that what Mr. Brumitt teaches will work for me?”

Well, it’s never been easier to find out. I’m talking about Mr. Brumitt’s offer of a FREE class. Two full weeks of them, in fact. You can see for yourself, as I did, if Mr. Brumitt can truly deliver what I’ve promised in this letter. (And yes, the offer comes with no strings attached. Believe me, no one’s going to try to persuade you to sign up for more classes.)

And it’s all FREE!  You have absolutely no risk.


FREE LESSONS: ($84.50 value.) I’m offering you 2 Weeks of lessons – for FREE (with no strings attached) see for yourself if, in fact, I can give your child the powerful benefits promised in this letter.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you learn…

“Mind-Smart Protection”

  • Warm-up to the idea of emotional respect, for both yourself and others
  • Gain power from the “Six Points of Body Balance”
  • Learn to handle the Three Weapons of Self Defense.
  • Pick-up simple, self-defense techniques you can practice at home

“Street-Smart Protection”

  • Gain super confidence with the “Three Self-Defense Techniques Every Woman Should Know.”
  • Take on the key defensive skills to do with “Posture & Body Language”
  • One easy-to use technique that will instantly give you more confidence when dealing with co-workers, bosses and even your spouse!

Believe me, with just these two weeks, you’ll never again experience fear that robs you of your confidence or your power to act. Like me, you’ll find a renewed sense of your own well-being and zest. In short, you’ll gain a much greater sense of (dare I say it?) . . . peace.

To register for the free introductory program

1. Pick up the phone and call Melissa @ 815-932-5425


2. Register – on-line by filling out your info below:

Claim Your FREE Introductory Special Today!

Please act quickly because these classes fill up fast — and, we are committed to maintaining a small student-teacher ratio in our beginner’s classes.

Plus I can’t do this forever in fact this 2 Week FREE offer expires:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Whatever you do, I urge you to call Melissa today… 815-932-5425




FREE KARATE UNIFORM: (A $40.00 value.) If you’re among the first 7 to call, Mr. Brumitt will even give you a genuine karate uniform, for FREE. Plus you can keep it, even if you decide that his program is not right for you.

BUT BE WARNED. Remember, I’m inviting you to check out one of the most successful martial arts programs in the country! Call as soon as possible. Our programs FILL-UP FAST! Register Early and insure your spot.

REMEMBER… this 2 Week FREE offer expires:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I hope to see you there!


Kim Tracy

P.S. If you’re even a bit curious about what Master Brumitt has to offer, I urge you to register as soon as possible. Remember, Duane Brumitt’s is the most successful Karate school in the country. Time slots can fill quickly.

P.S.S. One more thing: Whatever you decide about Duane Brumitt, you’ll take with you a free subscription to the newsletter, “Street Smarts”. Use it to remind yourself what you learned in the classes. It’ll give you all the things you should do to avoid danger and male predators.

P.S.S.S. Sorry, I can’t resist. Let me tell you about another incident that happened to me. It was after I’d started my Martial arts training. It was September, late at night. I was walking from the Paramount Theater to the car with my 72 year old Mother in Law. I noticed a young man 20 feet away keeping pace with us. Right away, I began to think, “if this guy is up to no good, how can I defend myself and my Mother in law?”

I took a firm grip on my umbrella and held tightly to my Mother in law’s arm. If anything happened, I planned to take a swinging strike to the young man’s face if he came too close. Then I turned and looked directly into his eyes. We walked a little faster, and I turned to look at him again, thankfully, he crossed to the other side or the street. Perhaps he meant no harm. I don’t care if he did or didn’t. What was different was how I felt. Instead of intimidation and terror, I felt calm, alert and, you’ve got it, Powerful.


100% Risk Free Guarantee!

There is absolutely no obligation or charge for this introductory program! Even if you choose not to continue with our program-you keep the uniform as a special gift for checking us out. If you choose not to continue with us-will even give you alternative ideas for your child-and, even recommend our competitors-if there is a program more appropriate for your needs.

~This is my personal guarantee to you!