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A Diffusion Course For Educators

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TEACHERSAFE™ is a course developed by Duane Brumitt for School Teachers, School Emergency Response Teams and/or other School Security Personnel. It is an interactive training program that focuses on what to do and what not to do if a physical altercation breaks out on school grounds.

The techniques for TEACHERSAFE™ are based upon Duane Brumitt’s Self Protection System, which is a liability-based de-escalation system on control, escort, securing and separation. The techniques taught are based on leverage and clothing, and are easy to apply and retain. Plus, all techniques are taught in accordance to the age, gender and grade level, as well as a school’s guidelines and policies.

Just some of the topics and techniques covered in the TEACHERSAFE™ Program:

  • Defining Personal Safe Zones
  • Reading Body Language/Defensive Posturing
  • Verbal Diffusion vs Verbal Persuasion
  • Separation Techniques
  • Control Escorts
  • Third-Party Techniques

[quote style=”boxed”]“I loved it… I feel empowered”I thought that I would have to be stronger to be able to apply something like this and found that, that wasn’t the case. I learned that I did not have to have a lot of physical strength to be effective. The course was defiantly beneficial and worth my time and money. I learned a lot quick and easy techniques. I liked the practice that was allowed because I feel you gave ample amount of time to apply the techniques to make sure I got them done pat.~Lyn McIntosh Kankakee District 111[/quote]
[quote style=”boxed”]“It was very awesome…I loved it!” It was a very easy to learn class. It was totally different than I ever thought it would be. I would defiantly recommend this course to people. It was worth my time. I was amazed at how natural the movements were and because of that it made it very easy to retain. Until this class I hadn’t really thought a lot on how I would handle myself but now that I have taken the class I know that I can. ~Erin Soper Clifton, IL[/quote]

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