The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast

Would you like a simple way to really change your life? Instead of merely getting by, you’ll find that your life can truly be exceptional when you focus on positive solutions…

Karate Bradley Master Shares: Handle Your Anger at Home

5 Ways to De-Stress and Relax You may really love the people you live with, but they can still make you angry from time to time. To keep you and your relationships healthy, it’s important to find a way to handle your anger and lower your stress level. So what can you do when you […]

Weekly News 04/20/11

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week. If you have not given your teacher there invite and you need another one you can click here to print it off and bring it in. You teacher must RSVP by tomorrow night. FREE MMA Seminar Two Hour FREE MMA Seminar is next weekend. Saturday, April 30th from 10 […]