Don’t Let These Food Ads Trick You Into Breaking Your Diet

Food advertisements are designed to lure you into buying the product.  And of course, once you buy it, you’re going to eat it, regardless of your good intentions to stick to a healthy diet. However, you don’t have to fall for their ad tricks and overeat. Ads can be subtle, so it isn’t always easy […]

Who Else Wants a Diet That Lowers Your Risk of Cancer?

When you think about preventing cancer, quitting smoking is probably the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, there are many lifestyle choices you can make that affect your risk. As much as 35% to 50% of cancer cases are related to your diet, according to The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. That’s because […]

Sticking to Your Diet at a Buffet

Buffets can be hazardous to your diet! Whether you’re at a party, wedding reception or all-you-can-eat restaurant, you’re surrounded by temptation.

How to Implement a Raw-Food Diet

As you hear more and more about the impact your eating has on your health and longevity, you may be considering a raw-food diet. While this lifestyle could be quite different from your usual fare, you might find that you thrive on eating mostly raw foods.

Bradley Karate Master Shares: Four Small Diet Changes With a Big Impact

Are you at your wit’s end with diets that haven’t produced results worth talking about? You might find one that lets you lose a couple of pounds, but then they come right back. So where has that gotten you? Unfortunately, right back where you started. The good news is you can very easily make some […]