A Foolproof Formula to Speed Up Weight Loss

Why does the scale move so slowly when you’re trying to lose weight? If you’ve hit a plateau or you just want the motivation that comes with seeing significant results each week, there are ways to accelerate your weight loss. Shape up faster without wasting money on products that make deceptive claims or give you […]

Talk to Anyone With Ease

Do you dread talking to strangers or those you barely know? Some people seem to be born with the gift of gab. They talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, about anything. By understanding a few strategies and putting in a little practice, you can talk to anyone with ease, too. You don’t have to be mesmerizing. […]

Setting Fitness Related Goal & Resolutions

No matter what type of fitness dream you have it is going to be easier to achieve it if you set a fitness related goal. Setting goals for anything can be difficult to follow through with.

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life With Failure

You discovered some very important self-knowledge that will enrich your life. You may encounter new people that you’re glad you found. During the process..

Frustrated? 13 Annoyance-Busters You Can Count On

From traffic jams to telemarketers calling at dinnertime, there is often something interfering with our daily plans. Changing your focus in frustrating situations will help you to steer around the obstacles and feel more at ease. Try these methods of learning to cope with frustration and strategies you can use with annoying people or events […]