Address Your Attitude and Enjoy More Favorable Results

Why resist the current situation in which you find yourself? It’s reality. When you fight reality, you lose. When you stew over how you think things “should” be or how you want them to be, you’re using up time and energy that could be spent on making your life great. When you deal with anything […]

Advantages of Being Assertive

In an average day, you probably have a number of opportunities to openly express yourself. Stating your preferences in simple, honest terms can help you build the life you seek

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life!

When your life goes in a direction that you’d rather not experience, it’s often hard to deal with the challenge. You try many different ways to get yourself on the right track, but nothing you’re doing seems to work.

Could You Use an Attitude Makeover?

In this day of personal makeovers, we’ve seen people lose 100 pounds, get a nose job, and finally go after their dream career. But for many… Read More HERE