"Healthy, Happy, Confident Kids!" That's Your Goal Right?

But have you ever found yourself...

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"I laughed when I heard that karate would teach my child discipline, confidence, and self-esteem...

But, now - she's a "Straight A Student," Confident, and, Respectful!"

Tami Brinkman

How do I say this without getting emotional?

I can’t. You have helped our family in so many ways. You don’t stop helping or teaching when you leave the studio. Tobie started Tri-Star just after his father passing away.His confidence level was low, he was acting out in class, and his grades could have been better.

Within the first three months of being at the studio, his teacher called me in for a meeting and said to me that she didn’t know what I was doing at home, but to keep it up. She said his school work had improved 200%, he no longer was disrespectful, and she said his confidence level had much improved.

Tobie is now in fourth grade and is a straight A student and in the gifted program. He respects you so much. He cares what you think of him in the studio and out.

Tobie and Taryn lost their step-father last year. You cared so much about our family that you came and spent time with Kim in the hospital and also came out to the house and visited with him and I. Kim also had much respect for you.

You have done wonderful things for our family that I can not truly thank you enough for. Thank you for having a huge impact on our family’s lives.
God Bless,

Tami Brinkman Bourbonnais, IL

"I will increase your Child's confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life skills that will last a lifetime and much, much more."

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A confident kid is UNSTOPPABLE!

Dear Parent,

I don’t blame you. You’re probably wondering, how could one activity have such an impact on my child? Well, it’s incredible, but true.

The martial arts is not only a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, but can also improve the quality of ones life! By teaching wholesome values — and, success skills.

My name is Duane K. Brumitt, Jr. I’m the owner of one of the most successful martial arts schools in Illinois “Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy” right here in the Tri-City area. (Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais)

Since February of 1998 , I’ve been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in karate. No other sport can match them.

In the next few moments, I’m going to show you how you and your child can sample all of this, and more. With my Web Special!!!

Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than Team Sports in developing a child’s self esteem and confidence?

Recent studies show that programs like ours that focus on personal achievement are vastly more effective than team sports!

Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self- esteem, discipline, While teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime and much more. (Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself, it will be the best thing that you’ll ever do for your child.)

Watch as your child increases in confidence, self-esteem, energy and spirit. Stand and be dazzled as he becomes unstoppable in his quest for…

And all of it comes while learning how to “kick, block, and punch.”

Imagine how you’ll feel when your child becomes unstoppable at achieving all of the positive things life has to offer and unstoppable at avoiding all of the negative things life has to throw our way. Look at it this way.

Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights on the street,” or “beating up the neighborhood bully.” It comes, instead, from battling more sinister forces.

Your child’s own fears and self doubts:

  • ”I’m not as smart as John.”
  • “I don’t get what my teacher is saying.”
  • “I wish I was as [strong, pretty, tall] as Sally.”
  • “Why does Jim keep giving me a bad time?”
  • “Why can’t I be as popular as Jill?”

The question is, how do you get your child to fight these demons? You know the problem. Your child has a tough time even telling you she’s haunted by them.

Never-mind how she might conquer them. Well, the good news is, I have a proven solution. A program that has already worked for over 5000 children.

dad_and_son_duane_brumittTo repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting himself. His innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force.

A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of his own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of values.

In other words, when your child uses the discipline of karate to conquer his fears, he has the power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other sport that does this better than karate. (I should know. Remember, I’ve been teaching it since 1998.)

But don’t take my word for it…

  • Bill & Amy Burnes Bill & Amy Burnes Bourbonnais, IL
    That philosophy will carry into their adult lives as well…

    With your help, we know that our children will learn the proper manners and respect for other individuals that is so sorely missing in today’s society. You teach our children that they should not blame others for their own failings.

    You also instill upon them the confidence in themselves that they need to succeed in life. You teach them that even though they may not do a move or a stance just perfectly, that they should never give up, that true success can only come from repeated trail and error. That philosophy will carry into their adult lives as well.

    In closing, my family all feel that we are all benefiting for the better from having met and interacting with you. We the world would be a better place if more people in this world shared your redeeming qualities. Our children and us will live fuller and more rewarding lives for having known you.

  • Dean McGregor Dean McGregor Bonfield, IL
    We are so proud & happy with Jacob’s progress since starting at Tri-Star. Not only has he learned a lot he has made tremendous improvement with his co-ordination. His self esteem and confidence has also come a long way. Thank you for a well run martial arts program.
  • Lynette Malik Lynette Malik Bourbonais, IL
    Both of our children have benefited greatly…

    Julia and Joe have benefited greatly from their martial arts experiences at Tri-Star.

    Julia has gained confidence, but most importantly the ability to defend herself if ever the need should arise. As parents it’s easier making decisions about letting her attend events, movies or even walking the mall with her friends knowing that she’ll be able to take care of herself.

    Julia’s babysitting clients also feel more confident when their children are in Julia’s care.

    An unexpected benefit from her marital arts training was her increased speed and strength. This increased her performance in softball and other sports. There is so much concern with children being out of shape, martial arts is great exercise and has helped Julia keep in shape during the off season.

    Joe has gained self confidence and his large and fine motor skills have improved greatly. Joe has been diagnosed with neurological delays that affect his balance and coordination.

    Mr. Brumitt has been very cooperative in adapting the program to Joe’s limitations to make sure that he is successful. We have seen great improvement in this area and Joe is actually accomplishing things he shouldn’t be able to do according to the doctors.

    We are very happy with our Tri-Star experience. We know that we have started our children in a program that will last a lifetime. The benefits they have received are priceless.

  • Emilie Hinton Emilie Hinton Bradley, IL
    I believe attending Tri Star Martial arts has helped my 9 year old son Noah in his focus…

    Although this has always been a challenge for him, little by little he is improving. He has also gained flexibility and strength with the physical workout. He also enjoys a feeling of pride at what he can accomplish. Also Noah has gained strength and muscle from his training at Tri-Star as well.

  • Joseph Kaski Joseph Kaski Grant Park, IL
    Our daughters are more outgoing & respectful…

    Marilyn is in the Fitness Kickboxing. She’s 16, so she won’t admit she love her class. But she complains if she has to miss her training on Monday and Wednesday.

    Our daughter Julie. Julie was born cross-eyed. She’s had three eye surgeries to fix her eyes. The Doctors told us, that she would have problems with her eye/hand coordination all of her life.

    She is also ADHD and is on medication. But since we’ve had Julie in Tri-Star, We’ve cut back on her medication.

    Julie is more focused on everything she does. Friends and Family member that haven’t seen Julie in awhile keep telling us how much Julie’s changed. She’s more Happy and out going.

    And that leaves our youngest daughter, Josie. Josie just loves going to Tri-Star, if she has to miss coming to her class, She gets upset. She rather come to Tri-Star, than do anything else.

    When the other kids at school talk about TV shows they watched after school, she tells them she didn’t watch because she was at Karate. And she really loves it.

    When people say, “this is a God send” and “That is a God send”. The only thing I think about is Tri-Star. Because it truly is a God send for my Wife and Myself.

    God bless you

  • Tawni El-Talabani Tawni El-Talabani Bourbonnais, IL
    I began karate because it was an activity for me to do outside the house (as I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 boys and 1 girl). But it has become so much more than I would have imagined.

    I chose karate because it was something I always wanted to try. I also wanted to go with one of my boys. My 13-year old began with me. When I began I expected to learn self-defense and get some exercise.

    One thing that surprised me is what a great stress reliever classes are. When your mind is focused on classes you don’t have time to think about anything but what you are doing. I have not found this to be true with any other activity I have ever done.

    I love how the classes are taught. All the instructors are excellent in many aspects.

    Beyond self-defense, I love the moral values and life lessons that are taught. Not realizing it when I began, I am so glad that we are involved with a Christian studio. It helps to tie all aspects of life together to keep the balance needed.

    I am most impressed with the improvements in my 5-year old. Before he began karate he did not have the focus, attention span, and listening skills that he does now. I am amazed at how well he does in class.

    In talking with people at the studio and as a mom watching class, I find there is a family atmosphere at Tri-Star. People are friendly and so encouraging to the kids. Everyone seems to get along well and make you feel comfortable while you are there.

    If you need help, someone is always there. What I have enjoyed the most is having a common interest with my boys. It gives us something to talk about. We have fun together practicing at home. Even the rest of the family joins in. I believe it has bound us closer together.

    Tri-Star is a great studio with wonderful instructors that I would highly recommend to everyone

  • Brenda Ireland Brenda Ireland Kankakee, IL
    My grandson has been training in the martial arts at Tri-Star under Duane Brumitt for the past five years.

    I have been very pleased with the changes I continually see in him. Not only has he learned to be more physically fit, but Master Brumitt and his staff has taught him to be more disciplined, respectful, and have a higher level of self esteem.

    I have witnessed Master Brumitt awarding students for academic achievements. His spiritual concern for the students and their families is a great encouragement to help make positive changes for their future.

    I feel having our grandson participate at Tri-Star is a positive step for his future.

  • Dana Zahrobsky Dana Zahrobsky Bradley, IL
    It has been priceless…

    My family and I have been with Duane Brumitt at Tri-Star Martial Arts for approximately five years. In that five year time frame, only we have learned an awful lot from Duane Brumitt and his staff at Tri-Star.

    My son is 10 years old and will be testing for his first degree black belt in June of 2006. That is a very exciting time for the entire family.

    Some of the things we’ve learned at Tri-Star are how to encourage other individuals, how to encourage your own child, and the self-defense techniques have been phenomenal.

    I travel a lot and I travel alone, so the self-defense techniques that I’ve learned have given me the confidence I need to walk through an airport or to walk to my car, and I realize what the barriers are and how to protect myself. It has been priceless.

    The self defense and self discipline that it has taught my children is also very comforting. It’s very good to know that they’ve got what it’s going to take to defend themselves as much as they are capable of if anything terrible would ever happen to them.

    The encouragement that has been taught to them over the years is also priceless. They’ve learned how to encourage themselves, encourage other students, and even how to encourage adults when they’ve had a bad day. This is a very unique thing they have learned from Duane Brumitt and for that, I thank him very much.

    We are very excited. My family has very strong values, and we continue to build on those values with our friends that we have at Tri-Star, and we encourage others to do the same. Thank you very much.

Now, you may be asking, how does all this “values” stuff work? And why does karate manage to do a better job teaching it?

tristar_martial_arts_karate_03Again, more than any other sport, Karate gives your child the chance to explore her innate powers. She'll marvel (as you will) as she increases in strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and harmony. Yet this is only the start.

In fact, her physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of her value skills, mental and spiritual. And not cut off from her physical skills, but intimately connected - even bonded-to them. Like this...

Your child finds the courage to move outside of his comfort zone. He wills himself to take on more difficult karate moves and skills. He becomes no longer afraid of being afraid.

As he does so, he learns that whatever he sows, so he reaps. He learns to blame no one, but himself. He suddenly sees his life as a constant, never-ending journey of life-giving improvement.

In short, with a deep breath, he refuses to become a victim of fate. He puts an arm lock on his own destiny.

Your child finds joy in improving her physical stamina. She can walk farther, run longer, practice skills until she gets them right.

In turn, she learns not to give up. She sticks things out. With the help of her teachers, she strives harder, longer to reach her goals. Even if she fails she perseveres. She won't let her self doubts get in the way of finding ultimate solutions.

As the man said, "Where performance is measured, performance improves." Yet, your child has to first accept where he stands now. That means measuring current strengths. Above all, he learns that to succeed, he can't fool anyone, especially himself.

This results in a keener focus. He learns to make eye contact with his teacher (and not just in karate.) He pays greater attention to what each teacher says. He knows and accepts where he stands.

She'll refuse to give in to negative peer pressure. She'll will know the effects of have self-discipline.

She'll have deeper respect for rules. And she'll know how to take responsibility for herself.

She'll learn what's needed, along with the skill to "zero in" on critical tasks at hand.

Normal, yet time-wasting, childhood distractions won't get in her way.

Watch as your child finds the courage to open any door life has to offer. The ability to make new friends. The self-esteem to speak in front of a group.

As you might guess, all of this couldn't have happened unless I had the very best teachers. To make sure I have the very best each of them have years of experience in my system and have been thoroughly trained in teaching skills.

Today, they are all martial arts experts - advanced Black Belts, in fact. Many have won awards for their teaching and physical skills.

Todd & Shelley Ponton

“Thank you for helping us to make our son an outstanding person…” “We think Mr. Brumitt is an outstanding teacher. We have never met anyone that could remember each & every child’s name in ALL of his classes. It really shows he CARES about each & every one of them !!! His relationship with the kids is great & you can see that they truly respect him, as he does them. He motivates them & makes them feel good about themselves. as parents that come to the classes you can see how well they respond to him. We would like to take this time to say “THANK YOU!!!” Mr. Brumitt for helping us to make our son an outstanding person!! GOD BLESS YOU!”

Todd & Shelley Ponton Ashkum, Illinois

That's why I made it very easy for you to find out - for your child.


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Class one at the karate school. Your child begins by learning the profound influence of the martial arts "bow." Watch as he:

Warms to the idea of emotional respect, for both himself and others. Gains power from the ability to be confident yet respectful."

Connects with the "Three Skills of Listening."

Class Two at the karate school. More bows. Then watch as your child:

Gains super confidence with the "Three primary techniques of all martial arts systems," and, builds rapport with a SUPER ROLE MODEL Black Belt instructor.

Believe me. In just 2 short weeks, your child will come away with her self-confidence greatly improved. Not just in how she feels. She'll actually end up with real "Life Skills." Skills that she can be put to powerful use right now, today.

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Bill Austell

“Winning is not the most important thing, but doing…”

My family and I have been part of Tri-Star for the past 4 ½ years and I can truly say that being a soccer dad and a basketball dad and recognizing the different sporting events that our kids can be a part of, the health of our children, the self confidence, and the ability for them to rise to the challenge has been exemplified at Tri-Star .

They have really taken the kids to the level of understanding that winning is not the most important thing, but doing their best and the pride that we see in them is really a blessing from God.

We appreciate that Tri-Star allows us to do these testimonials because this is just one way that we can try and thank the crew at the martial arts studio for the love and the guidance that they help us raise our children in.

We wish them all the best and know that God will continue to bless them as they look to Him for their strength.

Bill Austell

Children's Program's Ages 3-17

Tiny Little Ninjas

Created for ages 3-4. This program is designed to work on 8 skill levels for preschoolers. Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline, Fitness, & Coordination. Classes are once a week for 25 minutes.

In order to thoroughly develop each skill and at the same time make their training fun & motivational, the Tiny Little Ninja's curriculum specifies one skill per class. The curriculum includes a variety of drills used to teach the skill. The drills are easy to follow & help the Ninjas develop each skill with significant improvement throughout the ranks.

Little Ninjas

Created for ages 5-6. This program is designed to work on 8 skill levels for kindergartners. Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline, Fitness, & Coordination. Yes, these are the same skills as in the 3-4 year old program but much more is required at these ages. Classes are 30 minutes in length; 2 times per week.

Children go through distinct stages in their childhood; physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. At the early-elementary stage. 5 & 6-year olds are just now spreading their wings into the world and experiencing many great things for the very first time in their life.

With that said, there are many ways we breakdown each skill for the Ninja's to both make their training fun & motivational. The Ninja's curriculum specifies one skill per week. The curriculum includes a variety of drills used to teach the skill. The drills are easy to follow & help the Ninjas develop each skill with significant improvement throughout the ranks.

Karate Zone Prep

Created for ages 7-12. This program is designed to work on 8 skill levels for school ages kids. 8 skills: Concentration, Perseverance, Courage, Intensity, Speed, Agility, Technique, & Flexibility. Classes are 45-60 minutes in length; 2 times per week.

The Karate Zone Prep is split into 4 series: Beginner, Intermediates, Advance, & Junior Black Belt. Each series contains a collection of belt levels. The belt levels within each series train in the same class under the same format. The difference between each belt level withing the series is the difficulty level of skill development material and traditional material.

Karate Zone

Created for ages 13-17. This program is designed to work on 6 Areas of Focus: Traditional, Dynamic performance, Sports Training, Board Breaking, Physical Development, & Mental Development. Classes are 45-60 minutes in length; 2 times per week.

Created for ages 7-12. This program is designed to work on 8 skill levels for school ages kids. 8 skills: Concentration, Perseverance, Courage, Intensity, Speed, Agility, Technique, & Flexibility.

The Karate Zone is split into 4 series: Beginner, Intermediates, Advance, & Junior Black Belt. Each series contains a collection of belt levels. The belt levels within each series train in the same class under the same format. The difference between each belt level withing the series is the difficulty level of skill development material and traditional material.



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