Rev Up for a Fantastic Summer

As summer approaches, your thoughts focus on what you’ll be doing as the weather warms. You think with pleasure of the upcoming possibilities: barbeques, picnics in the park, outings to the beach, frolicking with your family and pets in the back yard, an exciting vacation, and more. But how are you going to muster up […]

It’s Okay to Cry

You might remember back when you were a kid how your mom always told you to stop crying. You’ve probably heard a parent at some time in your life tell his kids, “Stop that crying, it doesn’t do any good” or “Stop crying or else I’ll give you something to cry about!” Seriously, if a […]

A Parent’s Guide to Gardening With Kids

Gardening with your children is a fun and productive way to spend time together, reconnect with nature and get some exercise. Here are some techniques that will help everyone enjoy the experience.

Speed Reading for the Rest of Us

Wouldn’t you love to dramatically increase the speed at which you read and comprehend? Imagine how many more books you could get through or how much time you could save!

The Structure of Personal Change

Personal change starts internally with a shift in mindset. The resulting external changes grow from this internal foundation. So now that you know where to start…