Stop Using Fear as an Excuse and Get What You Want

Fear is the primary obstacle keeping you from pursuing what you want. Think about all you would try if you were assured success. How different would your life be? Conquering fear is perhaps the most important self-development goal anyone could achieve.

Stop Criticizing Yourself in 6 Steps

We’ve all heard it — that inner voice that speaks up whenever we’ve just messed up. Sometimes, your critical inner voice tells you what you should have done but didn’t. Other times, it reminds you of something you did that you could have avoided.

Break Through Stubborn Diet Plateaus

Sometimes you stick to your diet and exercise program but the scale stops moving down. If you want to start losing weight again, these are some changes…

Set Your Game Plan for the Coming Year

You probably have goals that you hoped to achieve this year, but didn’t. This time of year, it’s natural to lament about goals you seem to have lost…

Good Reasons to Eat Slowly

Rushing around is a common part of life, so when we have time to eat, we tend to eat very quickly. Unfortunately though, eating quickly is stressful and unhealthy. By simply eating slower, you can strengthen your health, lose weight, reduce stress, and enjoy life more. It’s pretty easy to put this idea into practice: […]

Create an Extra Hour Each Day in which to Transform Your Life

You might think that you’re already booked solid, but the truth is that it’s not that difficult to find an hour for yourself by stealing a little bit of time from other activities. Everyone needs a little quiet time because, without it,stress, depression, and anxiety tend to creep into our lives. Creating an extra hour […]

Are You Dooming Yourself to Failure? Beware of These Signs

Much of our happiness and success is the result of our thinking. So, too, are our failures. And our thoughts are revealed in our self-talk. What you say to yourself during the course of the day largely determines the outcome. In theory, it’s really pretty simple: Positive self-talk leads to success. Negative self-talk dooms you […]