7th-Degree Martial Arts Black Belt Test

18 years… where did the time go? Where did the FAT go? In 2003 I was 29 years old (167 lbs). Fast forward 10 years to 2013 when I tested for my 6th-degree black belt at the age of 39 (219 lbs). Now on March 13, 2021, at the age of 47 (173.5 lbs), I […]

Tri-Star Martial Arts Valentine’s Dinner Giveaway!

Tri-Star Martial Arts Valentine’s Dinner Giveaway! You could win a $100 Visa giftcard for a Valentine’s Dinner with those you love. Here’s the details: Create and send us your personalized valentine message telling us, in your own words, why you love Tri-Star Martial Arts or how it has impacted yours or our families life. 5 […]

Did You Know?

Hello… Mr. Brumitt here coming to you on my drive to the studio. Just recently I was thinking about all the things that go on at our martial art school. I thought to myself that there isn’t a person in the world that couldn’t benefit from all we do. In fact, I really am amazed […]