Is Your Child Harassed By Bullies?

(He or she may be – and you might not even know!)

Bully02, Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy Bradley & New LenoxDear Fellow Parents,
Let me tell your about a kid know named Tyler.
Tyler was usually enthusiastic and happy. His cheery disposition and bright smile went with him wherever he went. But when he began 4th grade, his parents began to notice some changes.
Suddenly, Tyler was becoming more and more withdrawn. He often seemed uneasy, and less sure of himself than ever before.
In third grade, Tyler was always eager to get outside to play after school. Weekends were happily spent in family activities. <== Click Here

But now, Tyler stayed around the house, keeping to himself. He seemed reluctant to talk about friends, school, or much of anything else.
Tyler’s parents didn’t know what to make of it…but they knew something wasn’t right. And- as you might imagine- they were alarmed.
A call to the school teacher was made. Tyler’s teacher, Mrs. Phillips, said, as if Mom and Dad should have known about it all along, “He’s probably upset about Sam. Sam has been giving Tyler a hard time for quite a while now.” So there it was.

Tyler has a bully problem

Most parents have found their child in this situation before. As a parent, you can’t help but feel angry. Bewildered. And totally unsure of what to do. <== Click Here

What I’m about to tell you next will seem kind of hard to understand. But if you think back to when you were a kid, and recall how small you felt, and how big the world seemed, perhaps you can remember.

Kids with bully problems feel ashamed

Are you aware that most kids who are being bothered by bullies don’t tell their parents? They just “suffer in silence.”
Because they feel embarrassed, they usually don’t tell anybody. Not their parents. Not their friends. Not the people at school.
You can imagine what suffering from this type of harassment is doing to their Self-Esteem…And all the while, you don’t even know there is a problem.
For many kids, this is the first “grown up” problem they ever encounter. And they keep the whole, disturbing thing on their own young, inexperienced shoulders.
And- even if you eventually do find out about it-

What are you going to do?

Chances are, you feel just about as unsure as Tyler does.
Maybe you will call Sam’s parents, and talk the situation over with them? Good luck. You see, there’s a reason why Sam is a bully. And when you eventually call his parents, you will probably see what that reason is. Most likely, Sam’s parents will be defensive and uncooperative. <== Click Here

Will you call the school? Probably. But, remember, school officials get these calls all the time. Most teachers and administrators would like to help…but they don’t have the answers, either. They will probably just remind you that if Tyler should try to defend himself, he will be kicked out of school, right alongside the kid who is the cause of the problem.
You might encourage Tyler to stand up for himself… to defend himself. But you and I both know that Tyler is probably not match for the bully. And, even if he was, what good will getting him expelled do (see above)?

So- you do what parents usually do.

You tell Tyler to avoid Sam. And you unwittingly set into motion a series of events that will have Tyler running and hiding from trouble, feeling like a victim…feelings that could very well follow him for the rest of his life

You lose, either way.

And so, of course, does Tyler.
Believe me. I understand how you are feeling. After all, I’m a parent too, and I remember how I felt when my boys had to deal with the neighborhood “tough guys.” <== Click Here

In coaching them… and in “raising” the other 1,000 or so kids we’ve dealt with over the last 9 years a “Duane Brumitt’s Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy,” I’ve learned a thing or two about teaching children to handle these disturbing bully problems.

Now, read carefully. I’m going to tell you a secret.

If you understand what I’m about to tell you, you will have the key to resolving this entire, frustrating situation.

The Secret

Some kids don’t get picked on at all.
That’s right. Some kids don’t get picked on- at all.
They don’t pick on other kids, either. They are fee to enjoy themselves, to be themselves… and it wouldn’t even occur to a bully to give them a hard time.

What I can do for you.

It’s pretty simple, really. I’m going to take your kid out of the group of kids that get picked on- and put him or her in the group of kids that doesn’t get picked on.
And, I’m going to do it without turning your nice, sweet kid into one of those “tough guys.”
That’s a big claim, isn’t it? After all, if I can really do what I say, not only will this solve a sticky problem for you… it will place our child, once again, on the road to a level of self-esteem that will empower him or her to do anything. No “victim” mentality. No running and hiding.
No being ashamed of something that isn’t his or her fault.

So how does it work?

Now, you may want to first try some of the alternative “strategies” I’ve listed above- but I suspect you already have, and are just about fed up with having your kid pushed around.
So don’t wait. Just call my head instructor, Chris, at 815-932-4525, and he can get your child registered for our FREE Back-to-School Bully Buster Workshop
These classes will be on a first come first serve bases. The classes will be held on both Wed., September 28th  or Thurs., September 29th. For Ages 6-12. You can also register by going online to <== Click Here
Yours for Safe Kids,
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Duane Brumitt
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