Bradley Karate Master Says: “Boost Motivation (By Expecting The Wost)”

Last week, we offered a tip for how to get motivated with self-improving habits. If you haven’t read it, go read it now! Today, we’re offering another motivational tip: Expect The Worst Yes, you read that right. As parents, we gotta be ready for anything. And while it’s ideal to reach our goals neatly… life […]

Show Your Child The Way, Then Get Out Of The Way!

Whew. First steps. First day of kindergarten. First time riding a bike. First sleepover…. As parents, we give everything we’ve got to set the groundwork for our children, and be their leaders. And the hardest part? Letting our kids succeed or fail on their own. It is hard to let go, but it’s also the […]

Motivation Hacks For Kankakee County Parents

I lack the motivation to do things– every. single. day. Cooking? Cleaning? Chasing my sockless kid around the house? Spreadsheets? Social outings? A full night’s sleep?? In this economy??? It’s hard to keep up with our to-do lists. But guess what– even the most “put together” families on the planet don’t feel like getting things […]

5 Essential Life Skills to Teach Your Kids – Tips From Your Local Karate School

As a parent, you want to do everything to help your child succeed in life. One of the best things you can teach them is essential life skills. These skills will help them handle difficult situations and make excellent decisions throughout their lives. Here are five essential life skills that every child should know: How […]

5 Habits to Break Today to Make Tomorrow Better

Habits are interesting things: they start as one-time events, and before you know what’s happening, you have already formed them. Without these habits, many things in our lives would be excessively time-consuming.